Saturday, January 22, 2011

Painting to Feinting

48 Dwarves plus paints= A long time.
I spent about 2 hours nonstop painting these Dwarves a very simple colour scheme.
I was about to feint at the end but some water solved that problem.
Anyway pictures of them can be found here.
I also built a battle board featuring cliffs mines forest and rivers heres a description quoted from my post at TLA:

Yes Thanks! That helps alot I might have toy employ you as chief engineer ;) 
I like the ditch idea but I'm turning it into a fast moving stream coming down from the mountains as the first line which they have to jump swim or trek down stream to the ford.
Now there are dwarf rangers hidden among the rocks that can shoot down on the enemies as they walk towards the stream probably killing the same amount that would die from jumping the stream (hopefully). Then I have a line of elite Khazad and Iron Guard Dwarves manning the barricades at the bottom of a hill that leads up to the door. When it seems they're hard pressed they retreat back while the archers in the fortress and ballista fire down pinning the enemy so the elites can get into the fortress and shut the gate!
Then they enter into a vast cavern with pillars in it a raised ledge at the back for the archers and such to stand on also here waiting are the core troops of Dwarf warriors.
While the archers still fire from there high positions eventually retreating back to the ledge aswell then above the ledge there is a door to the tomb of a long dead dwarf where Eru forgive me they make there final stand in a circular formation with banners and archers in the middle and elite and core and heroes on the outside. All I have to do now is make some adjustments to my stream which is a little wide. Then build the ledge I'll use my balins tomb doors to get to the final chamber shut them and make the last stand there around the tomb of some old dwarfy guy :P 
Sound good?

Pictures of this can be found in the link above.
I will post again soon with more updates