Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Scientific Explanation Of The Creeper

Scientific Name: Fragor Monstrum
Size: approximately 2.2 metres
Diet: High amounts of Dynamite/Gunpowder and Cake
Animal Group: Monstrosities
Brief Description: Creepers are large green Monstrosities that are composed of a large amount of Nitrogen atoms. The one notable thing about creepers is they explode if within 5 meters of humans. Now long have scientists pondered how this can be. I have researched this area personally and made an amazing find it appears that a 116th Element has been revealed! It is a by-product of the turning on of a Central processing unit.the atoms go into the current through the wires producing a slight radio wave that interferes with the atoms delicate structure
. When it meets up with Oxygen in the human body it reacts astonishingly and begins to what we can only classify as ‘breed’ creating more and more of these mysterious atoms. I have researched further into these atoms running a series of tests has forced me to realise that these Atoms are not of this earth. They come from a very far away star named Notchium9 [iapprove] so I named the atom Notchassium [iapprove] after the said star. Now When a Fragor Monstrum comes within atleast 5 meters of a human carrying these Notchassium atoms then it triggers a reaction in the Nitrogen causing the Nitrogen atoms to release the dangerous gas kept inside in just seconds if still in contact with the Notchassium atoms the creeper will explode as if it was a stick of dynamite.
I hope you are well and haven’t met a Creeper yet
Anstarsius Dominicius Besleycius

I will update this further with a more in-depth scientific explanation but first I shall write a guide on how to identify avoid and fight a creeper if your ever unfortunate enough to meet one.
As to the obvious question of where do these things come from?
I have no idea though me and my team shall continue to research the query.

*DO NOT READ IF YOU LIKE FANTASY*This is all a load of rubbish I made up so please don't take anything seriously and no I don't know very much about Science or*DO NOT READ IF YOU LIKE FANTASY*

ME for doing it
Science Teacher for teaching me about elements and making me nitrogen!.
Name Stealer for helping with technical stuff.
Aly for helping with some more technical stuff.

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